Why Solar Users Love Their SMA Sunny Boy Inverter

solar panel

The SMA sunny boy inverter is not just any ordinary smart connected solar service model.

These innovations have set a new standard for how homeowners utilise their energy consumption, allowing them to track, monitor and alter provisions in real time without incurring many of the obstacles that others encounter.

While the brand has been delivering in this industry for over a quarter of a century, there are many customers in 2020 who are making the switch to the sunny boy and entrusting SMA to deliver the goods.


First-Class Warranty Provisions

Peace of mind is a major attraction for customers who decide to invest in their own SMA sunny boy inverter model. Thanks to a first-class warranty policy, users won’t have to engage so many of the same processes when a systematic error occurs. In fact, SMA specialists will likely know about the issue even before the client, ensuring that they can run an online diagnoses through the Sunny Portal and schedule a thorough assessment at a time that suits the individual. This approach will help to maintain and condition the product over the lifespan of the investment, removing any reservations about replacement and repair costs that other brands will impose on their consumers.


Mobile Device Tracker

Given that the Sunny Portal operates as a mobile phone app, consumers are able to track their SMA sunny boy inverter performance off site as much as they can on site. It is equally compatible with Apple and Android devices, allowing users to track performance in real time, review updated information, take advantage of CO2 saving measures and customise reporting mechanisms that details information through data sets and graphs. No matter how often a resident wants to check in on their system – from once per day to once a week or month, the access is there at their fingertips.


Long-Term Performance Guarantees

When compared to other brands and models in the industry, the SMA sunny boy inverter remains a market leader for duration and quality of performance. Across all conditions and throughout all seasons of the year, this product runs efficiently to lower energy consumption rates and removing any reliability off the grid. This is in large part to the alter diagnoses and speed of operation of the inverter. Downtime windows are kept to a minimum, helping to optimise the energy generation over the course of each day.


Quick Solutions Through Automatic Diagnoses

While there will need to be an eye for detail with specialist monitoring, many of the fixes and assessments of the SMA sunny boy inverter are carried out automatically. That is beneficial to reduce instances of human error and allowing for speedy communication and remedies that can be delayed through manual methods. This innovation and efficiency is one of the central reasons why the SMA brand remains a market leader, offering an immediate response that bypasses older operating models.


Easy Installation Process

One of the most appealing aspects of investing in the SMA sunny boy inverter is that the set-up and installation process is seamless. Rather than being bogged down with extensive programming and formatting that can be a genuine struggle for residents, this is a tried and trusted formula that cuts out much of the cost and logistics that other solar providers will impose on their constituents. Once registration through the portal has been performed, it is simply a task of filling out client information, connecting the portal to the system and opening up the dashboard for use.



Having taken stock of the benefits of the SMA sunny boy inverter, it is easy to see why residents do fall in love with these domestic assets. Homeowners are advised to reach out to their nearest supplier and consult with them about prices and installation processes.