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DVD & Blu-ray region coding. Will a disc play in my machine?

The DVD and Blu-ray media available from DVDOWN UNDER are sourced from Australian distributors and as such conform to the Australia standards for DVD and Blu-ray.

Unless otherwise stated:

Australian DVDs are coded for Region 4 in the PAL Television format

Australian Blu-ray discs are coded for Region B

* also, some Australian Blu-rays contain 50Hz PAL extras and these are UNABLE to play in a non-PAL BD player.

Some titles will expand upon this with the inclusion of additional regional codes to allow playback in countries other than Australia, and a small number of DVD titles are formatted for the NTSC Television format.

If you are not sure of the region coding and TV format of a DVD or Blu-ray disc, please contact us before you make your purchase.

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