4 Important Tips For Carrying Out Termite Pest Control

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If you or a family member are waking up with small, itchy bites and general irritation from your mattress – it’s a sign you need to invest in some kind of termite pest control. The good news is that, while they are annoying, they aren’t spreaders of disease but are simply parasites that feed on your blood like a flea does to your dog.

These tiny little pests don’t fly, but they can move fast and are difficult to eliminate by conventional means. Without some kind of termite pest control measures being taken, the females can lay hundreds of little dust-particle-sized eggs that will cause the population to expand exponentially.

The babies that spawn from these eggs are called ‘nymphs’ and will shed their shell 5 different times before reaching adulthood. Before each shedding, the nymphs need to feast on some blood, and this explains the bites you discover on your body in the morning.

Let’s take a look at # tips you should keep in mind when implementing termite pest control.


1.      Don’t get yourself into a panic and burn your house down

Okay, you probably won’t resort to burning your house down – but you don’t need to throw all your sheets away. Most items can be treated easily with termite pest control products and re-used after a cycle in the wash.

Also, as mentioned, there is no significant health risk from this kind of infestation (at least in the short term). You don’t need to have a crisis if your child wakes up with a series of swollen bites, just take it as a sign you need to use termite pest control measures.


2.      Don’t give them any room to hide

If you live in a messy home, then it is easier for these annoying pests to breed and spread around your home. Cleaning up your room of piles of clutter will give them less room to hide and is a simple yet effective termite pest control measure.

If the parasitic insects are getting into your mattress, then using special encasement covers and box springs will make it more difficult for them to travel up and inside your sheets. Make sure you do your research on this front as some encasement products are going to be more durable than others.


3.      Don’t spread them to someone else

If you decide to get rid of the infested mattress (which is a fair call if it seems to hard to treat) then you should make sure that you slash it with a knife or mark it in some way so that someone doesn’t try to salvage it and introduce an pest infestation to their home. Good termite pest control is also about making sure you don’t spread the problem to someone else.


4.      Hire professionals if the problem is advanced

If you have an infestation that is fairly advanced, then the best solution may be to invest in a professional termite pest control measure in the form of an exterminator. This expert will know how the insects breed, what conditions they enjoy, how to get rid of them and how to future proof your home against them coming back.

No matter which type of option you go with, keep the above information in mind when you start pursuing termite pest control measures in your home.